May 31, 2012

The Intrepid Adventures of Manny and Don

This project started as a design exercise to flex the old concept muscles.  The idea was to update some old character designs I had done almost 10 years ago based on a TV show idea I was working on with my friend Justin Bullard. Justin came up with the idea for these two characters named Manny and Don long before we met at school, and after we graduated we collaborated on a series pitch based on them.  We fleshed out several seasons worth of material for these was a very fun and creative time.  The pitch ultimately did not fly but my affection for these characters stayed.




The Sentai

And here is a sample of the original character very old!!


  1. Heeeeeeeeeey! Great to see these posted up, man! What an epic batch of work...really outstanding. The lighting a particularly awesome, 'specially on Don and Baash. Well done, Chaps!

  2. Yeah boiiiii!!!! Ha, now I can look at these whenever I want without coming over to your desk under the pretense of having a "crit" or a "production question" ahahaha.

    Like fearless said, just a new bar for you on the lighting/materials side of things. You should post them up on cghub, i bet someone would want to make a sculpt or two of them.

    Love them.


  3. wow! blast from the past! I remember your pitch at P&B, I can't believe that was 10 years ago...we are much older - but WAY better looking and handsome. It works like that with guys, until we hit like 70 or something or become fat.

    Your revisit is pretty phenominal man, shows how much you've built your chops up. Incredible concepts...detail work...painting skills...

  4. wow... absolutely phenomenal. i love everything about these, lighting, color, expression, everything... just wow. please, if you happen to dig up more old concepts, don't hesitate to give them a makeover too ;)

  5. Barett I hate you......not only because you're uber talented but you're also a cunning warrior.....and a good friend!
    Keep it up marine! Hoo Rah!