Mar 1, 2010

Handsome Harry

Well I've always been a big fan of Drew Struzan, so here I am blatantly ripping him off.  Lets call it a tribute shall we...yes thats better.  Here is my tribute to Drew.  A man who must have gotten very tired of painting this handsome devil, over and over.
I gonna try do more portraits going forward...we'll see how it goes.
This piece also served as a bit of a reminder to me why I used to love Indiana Jones.  Raiders is still my favorite flick of all time but don't get me started on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

PS...around 4 hours.


  1. Indy! Nice one, Chaps. You totally nailed the likeness and the Struzan look. I wanna start doing more studies and portraits too- this will help motivate me!

  2. Hey Mr. B Chaps- stellar work as always, nice to see it all together here too! - very inspiring..