Dec 16, 2009

William and Temeraire

Here is a pic that intended to be color but I spent too long on the value render and created too much work for myself to actually color it.  Blast.  Oh and learn.  This pic is inspired from a series of books called His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik.  The series is a very fun read about dragons being used for aerial combat during the Napoleonic wars.  Thanks again to the guys on this one...especially Tony.

Dec 10, 2009

Theseus vs the Minotaur

Here is the second in my mythology series.  I had alot of great feedback along the way from my coworkers, and it really helped me bring this one together.  So thanks to Derek, Nigel and Tony!
Pencils and Photoshop
Here is something a little more recent.  This one is also something more of a sketch that previous posts....again, something to break the bad habit of lingering in grayscale.

More Halloween!

This one was a really quick one for me.  I'm trying more and more speed up the amount of stuff I do and avoid the epic renders.  This one was also an attempt to break a bad habit I have of staying in grayscale too long.
PS and Painter.


Here's a fun halloween pic I did a while back.  Its from an even older sketch I had kickin around for ages that I finally added color to.  This pic has the honor of being used on the invite of one of Justin and Mina's legendary Halloween parties.
Pencil and PS

Birthday for Bullard!

One of the many things Justin and I have in common is a love for all things Muppets.  So I did this one to say Happy Birthday to a great friend.  I had way too much fun with this one, I've got a couple other Muppet pics in my stay tuned!

The Dark Tower

This one I did for my bro while reading Stephen Kings Dark Tower series.  Looking back at it now it was pretty ambitious piece for me at the time, I had fun with it, but it has not aged well with me.
Looks like I owe my bro another pic!!
Photoshop and Painter

Commission for Baxter

Another D'n'D character commission for a guy I used to work with.
Pencils and PS

Commission for Eric

Here is another older pic that I did for a friend at work for his D'n'D character.
Pencil and PS

Dec 9, 2009

I guess this makes you number one.

I thought I'd start this blog by posting some older work.  This one is a pic I did for my good friend Richard a while back.  It's the start of what might turn into a mythology series for me.
Pencil, Photoshop and Painter.